Request Peer Mentor Support

FIU faculty, staff, and administrators may request peer mentor involvement in upcoming activities or events.

Peer Mentors are trained to be representatives of FIU. They are knowledgeable about the campus, resources available, and regularly assist students and staff. Examples of past partnerships include: Convocation, Admitted Students Day, and the Jewish Museum of Florida Field Trip.  To request peer mentor support, please complete the Peer Mentor Support Form below.

A few things to remember:

·       Peer Mentors are available to support your event/activity, but whenever possible, please have them in impactful roles. Our Peer Mentors are non-paid. Their compensation is the professional development and networking opportunities they get at university events and programs.

·       This is not a contract and serves as a request that will be reviewed and responded to within 5 business days.

·       2-3 weeks advance notice is preferred when requesting peer mentor support for your event or activity. Please list specific peer mentor duties/responsibilities associated with your event.

If you have any questions, please contact us at