SLS Peer Mentor

What is a Peer Mentor?

  • A Peer Mentor is a current and/or future FIU student leader who assists the Student Life Skills (SLS) instructor throughout the length of the course
  • A Peer Mentor is utilized as a great resource for the students and many times lead several discussions on specific topics throughout the SLS course
  • Lead group activities in order to create that bond and relationship within the students in the SLS course
  • A student who is able to help guide the students throughout their first semester in college by explaining their personal experiences as a freshman

What do we look for in a Peer Mentor?

  • Someone who is responsible and takes the initiative to help others
  • A role model to their fellow peers
  • A student who is energetic and shows pride in FIU
  • One who has a positive attitude is helpful inside and outside of the classroom

Responsibilities as a Peer Mentor:

  • Attend Peer Mentor Training
  • Meet and get to know their professor they are assisting once they are assigned
  • Attend all of their assigned SLS classes
  • Come up with creative icebreakers and team builders to have the class interact with each other
  • Co-facilitate discussions and activities with their instructor
  • Be positive and have fun with our new Panthers!

Minimum Requirements:

  • Current undergraduate student
  • Completed one year or more at FIU
  • 2.5 GPA or above

What is the time commitment for Peer Mentors?

  • Mandatory one day training before Summer B or Fall (dates to be discussed in interviews)
  • Attend each SLS class you are assigned. This schedule varies between SLS 1501, SLS 1402, and SLS 3407 depending on Summer B, Fall, or Spring semesters
  • Class preparation meetings with the instructor (weekly meetings are recommended but not required)
  • Monthly check-in meetings with the Center for Student Engagement

Are Peer Mentors paid?

  • Peer Mentoring is a volunteer leadership position