Before filling out the request form, please note:

• All workshop requests must be submitted at least 2 weeks in advance. Please allow one week to hear back from a staff member about your request.

• All workshops require PowerPoint capability, internet access, and sound. Please be sure equipment is set up at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time to ensure that the workshop starts on time.

• All workshops are approximately 2-hours in length. If you would like to customize your workshop length, please indicate your request under the “other considerations” section.


Engaging Gen Z Students
This workshop will help you develop tangible ways to better engage Gen Z students beginning their college careers. From helping you understand key characteristics of this student population, to spending time evaluating how your way of interacting with Gen Z students can be more effective, this interactive workshop will help you dive deep into your engagement practices with a critical eye.

Engaging the Traditional FIU Student
FIU has a diverse population of nearly 60,000 students, but it is sometimes difficult to engage the majority of commuter students that come to campus every day. This workshop will give you tools to make programs and services more appealing to a commuter student population and to better interact with the “traditional” FIU student.

Innovating Traditional Programs to Boost Engagement
Has your area been putting on the same program every year? Maybe it’s time to shake things up! This workshop will help you analyze your traditional program and determine what is the essence that needs to stay, while giving you the creative space and guidance to implement changes that can make the program more engaging. Please note: If you choose this workshop, please explain your traditional program in detail under the “purpose/goals” section of this form.

Engaging International Students
Come explore the “I” in FIU and learn more about our diverse international student population on campus! This workshop will help you build an understanding of main characteristics and challenges to engagement for this student population, as well as give you key considerations when working with our international students. This workshop is a partnership between CSE and ISSS.