What is the FIU Common Reading Program?

The FIU Common Reading Program is targeted specifically at incoming first year students as an introduction to the academic expectations of the University. It is an effort to create a shared intellectual point of engagement for first year students and create a sense of community. As a FIU freshman, you will read the selected common reading book before the first day of class. Faculty and staff also read the book and engage students and others in discussions that challenge all to think critically about the text.

Why has FIU instituted a common reading program?

Common reading programs are increasingly popular features of first year programs at colleges and universities across the nation. After our pilot program in 2008, both students and instructors in our first year seminars reported a high level of communal and academic engagement as a result of integrating the common reading into the curriculum.

How was this book selected?

The Common Reading Committee has faculty, staff, and student representation. After a number of books were recommended, several books were carefully reviewed and discussed. Before making a final determination the Committee members considered a variety of factors including interest, cost, readability, length, and applicability to our student population. All University community members are encouraged to make a suggestion for next year’s program.

How will this book be used in my classes?

The First Year Experience Seminar course has incorporated the common reading book into its curriculum. Students will be tested on material from the common reading book, and they will also write a paper related to the book and their own transition to college. Professors of other courses may choose to incorporate the book into their curriculum and/or classroom discussions.

How do I get a copy of the book?

All first year students will be given one copy of the book at Freshman Orientation.

What should I do before the first day of class?

Read the book, join our Facebook page, and frequently check our calendar of events page.